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Frequently asked questions.

How much does a website cost?

The short answer is; cost is dependant on the scope and complexity of the project.

Website costs are not only governed by how it looks, but also the wider functions it will perform. For example, do you need the ability to edit the site yourself, create integrations with social media or enable users to log in and create accounts for themselves? Just like anything else you would "build", website design and development cost is dependant on the scope of the project and what you are looking to achieve. Create Snowball specialise in guiding you through the process of creating and making bespoke websites tailored to your individual requirements.

Who uses Webflow?

Webflow is used by companies including PWC, Dell, Upwork, Rakuten, Zendesk and Discord to name a few.

Are Webflow sites secure?

All our sites come as standard with a SSL certificate to inspire customer confidence and keep users safe.

Are Webflow sites fast?

Not only do Webflow sites scale for demand, the innovative CMS and ability to edit text and images in minutes frees up valuable development time.

Do you use Wordpress?

We design and develop for Webflow only, we believe this focus enables a greater end product for our clients.

What is Webflow?

The first two steps pretty much got the main function works. As for the auto collapse, copy the code from the page custom code section before tag and paste into your project. Voila, that's all and you're good to go.